SOLVED! “A Required Security Module Cannot Be Activated (8016)”

Windows is an excellent operating system for playing a wide range of computer games. Still, it’s not uncommon for Windows users to come across errors as they launch games on their PC. You keep seeing an error that says something about “A required security module cannot be activated (8016)”? In that case, you should find this article useful.

The Usual Suspects

Outdated BIOS

The “A required security module cannot be activated (8016)” error may be the result of you launching a game that is newer than your BIOS. Since the BIOS influences the performance of various features, its obsolescence causes a lot of problems. 


Everything on your computer from software to hardware is new but errors still give you a hard time while playing a game? Then there is a good chance that the title may be designed for an earlier operating system. For your information, if you play legendary titles on modern computers, errors would surface due to compatibility issues.

“A Required Security Module Cannot Be Activated (8016)”: Solutions

Update BIOS

The new Intel Skylake Central Processing Unit (CPU) has been found to suffer from this problem. Perform a BIOS) update if your computer is using that processor to fix the “A required security module cannot be activated (8016)” error. 

Prepare The BIOS Update

  • Step 1: Go to another computer that has a steady power supply and Internet connection.
  • Step 2: Launch the web browser, visit the Intel Resources page and download a Recovery BIOS (.BIO) file to a temporary directory. Make sure that the BIOS file is the latest one that’s available for download.
  • Step 3: After the download finishes, copy the .BIO file to a flash drive and eject it properly.
  • Step 4: Plug the USB drive into the target computer and shut it down.

Enable F7 Prompt Display

  • Step 1: Turn on the target computer then press F2 during boot to enter the BIOS setup.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Boot then Boot Display Options menu.
  • Step 3: Enable Display F7 to Update BIOS.
  • Step 4: Press F10 to Save and Exit.
  • Step 5: Turn off the target computer.

Perform The BIOS Update

  • Step 1: Plug the Recovery flash drive into the target computer and power it on.
  • Step 2: When the F7 prompt is presented, hit F7 to enter the BIOS Flash Update tool.
  • Step 3: In the context menu, select the USB thumb drive and hit Enter.
  • Step 4: Proceed to select the .BIO file and press Enter.
  • Step 5: Confirm that you desire to update the BIOS by pressing Enter.
  • Step 6: Wait for 2 to 5 minutes for the update to get completed.

Assuming that things proceed smoothly, the process above will help you update your computer’s Basic Input Output System (BIOS). A BIOS update is ideal for solving critical problems. For good measure, you should use the latest .BIO file to create your Recovery flash drive. Up-to-date versions usually support the latest Intel processors, essential security updates and bug fixes.

Read through the update instructions clearly before performing a BIOS update. Moreover, record all BIOS settings which changed from default. Make sure that your computer is plugged in because things would go awry if a BIOS update is interrupted by power loss.

Change The Game’s Compatibility Settings

In Windows 10, game activation problems can be fixed by changing the game title’s compatibility settings

  • Step 1: Go to the game’s installation folder via File Explorer.
  • Step 2: Right-click the game’s setup.exe file then pick Properties.
  • Step 3: In Compatibility tab, check the checkbox next to Run this program in compatibility mode and change the game’s compatibility to Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7.
  • Step 4: Check Disable Desktop Composition.
  • Step 5: Select Apply and choose Ok to save changes.
  • Step 6: Close everything, restart your computer and launch the game again.

What Exactly Is Intel Skylake?

It is a 6th-generation Intel processor that utilizes Skylake technology. It is available in the form of the i5 and i7 core processors.

Is Skylake Any Good?

Of course, it is! The Skylake CPU delivers 2.5 times more processing power than its competitors. Furthermore, it’s capable of providing superior graphics, battery life and so on. 

When Should I Update The BIOS?

It’s wise to update the  BIOS if you run into bugs on your computer. Feel free to update the BIOS to help your computer accommodate new peripherals as well. Still, it’s ill-advised to update BIOS at whim.

Should I Update The BIOS Every Now And Then?

No, you don’t have to update BIOS unless there is a need for that. 

Will My Files And Folders Be Erased After Updating The BIOS?

No, they will not. Updating your BIOS will not erase files and folders on your Hard Drive.


  • Use the BIOS SETUP UTILITY to disable the floppy disk settings in your BIOS if you want to reduce boot time.
  • To boot up from a flash drive, use the Boot Device Priority to push the drive to the top of the list.
  • Next-generation, resource-intensive games can cause your motherboard to heat up. Take advantage of BIOS SETUP UTILITY to increase your computer’s fan speed and cool down your system for optimal game performance.
  • Overclock your Intel Skylake processor using between 1.2 volts and 1.4 volts to get extra power from the unit. Keep an eye on temperature while overclocking is on to avoid damaging the processor though.
  • Charge up your laptop to 100% before updating your BIOS. By doing so, you could ensure that the device won’t shut down in the middle of the process.


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