How to Buy Books on Kindle

Sophia Guerrero

How to Buy Books on Kindle

There was a time when your place might have been packed with bookshelves filled with books, some read, some planning to read. Now, a small Kindle can clear everything out, giving you a number of books right on your device. Now you do not have to carry a number of books with you.

But, before reading a book on your Kindle, you have to get it first. No matter what your Kindle version is, getting a book is very easy. Let’s check how to buy books on Kindle:

How to Buy Books on Kindle

To buy a book on your Kindle, you have to link your device to your Amazon account(It is very easy to create an account on Amazon). Your device is configured already. If not, follow the on-screen steps. Connect to Wi-Fi and enter your Amazon information, like email, password, username, and all, if asked. Once your Kindle is configured, you are ready to purchase.

Make sure that you are on the home page of your Kindle. If you are in a book, click the top, then tap the back button. On the main screen, click on the Home tab, which is present at the bottom.

Now, you can browse the Kindle Store. There are books recommended only for you and popular sellers too. Scroll through or click on the Search Kindle button at the top and type a book or author you like.

Once you find a book that you want to read, give it a tap. See the details of the book and read the views of customers.

Ready to buy? Click Buy for [the given price] or Buy now with 1 click. The book will download, and you can see it in your Kindle library, which is now ready to read with a click.

You might have more options. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read more than 3 million books at no extra cost. Also, you can add Audible audio for some more charges; just check out the Add Audible narration box.

How to Buy Books on Kindle App

If you are using the Kindle app on your iOS, Fire tablet, or Android device, buying a book is a bit different. You can not buy a Kindle book straight from the app or Amazon app.

Here are the steps for what you do:

  • Open the Amazon website in your iPhone browser.
  • Find the book you want, choose the Kindle version, and make the purchase.
  • The eBook will pop up in your Kindle app library (and on your Kindle device library if you have one), all ready to download and read.
  • You can read it at any time and anywhere.

FAQs – Buying Kindle Books

How do I buy a book on a Kindle?

You can’t buy directly from the Kindle or Amazon app. Open Amazon in your mobile browser, visit the Kindle Store and pick the book you want. For a complete guide, read the article completely.

Why can’t I purchase Kindle books on Amazon directly?

Amazon disabled in-app ebook purchases on iOS in 2011 and later on Android. This is due to the demand of Google for up to 30% of every ebook sale on its system, which may impact readers.

Can I purchase books in the Kindle app?

Yes, you can. Use the Kindle Store in your app. Open the Kindle app, head to the Store in the menu, or search for the book. Choose the cover, and you are ready to buy. For detailed guide, read the article until the end.

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