Peacock Student Discount: Accessing Premium Content at a Discount

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Peacock Student Discount: Accessing Premium Content at a Discount- Ginnoslab

If you want a Peacock Student Discount, sorry, they do not have one. However, there is a cool trick. If you have Spectrum TV or Xfinity, you can link them with your Peacock TV, and then you get the fancy Peacock plan without paying.

We have got a clear explanation of how you can get a discount. So, grab your popcorn because things are about to get interesting when you read on.

Is Peacock TV Giving Student Discount in 2023

To answer this question, no, Peacock TV does not have a student discount for now. However, you can find discounts through other platforms. Peacock has different subscription plans, including a free one that you can choose.

The free plan has lots of movies and TV shows for anyone who uses Peacock TV. Sadly, there is no student discount on Peacock TV.

How to Get the Peacock Student Discount

As we mentioned earlier, Peacock TV itself does not give student discounts. However, there are other platforms that do.

One of these is Student Beans. They have lots of discounts and a big network of students worldwide.

With this program, students from anywhere can get a 20% discount on Peacock TV.

To get this discount, you need a valid Student ID card checked by Peacock TV.

Once they confirm you are a student, you can use the 20% discount on your next subscription. 

Does Peacock TV Give Free Trial Codes

Peacock TV is like other platforms, and they give you a free trial. It is so you can check if you like it before paying. The free trial is just like the fancy version.

To get it, go to the Peacock TV website, sign in, and pick a plan. Then, you can start your free trial.

Other Ways to Get a Free Peacock TV

You might be thinking, “How else can I get Peacock TV for free?” No problem, we have got your back.

Here are some places where you can enjoy Peacock TV for free:

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV lets you have a fancy Peacock TV for 90 days without extra money.

To do this:

  • Go to their website. 
  • Make a Peacock TV account.
  • Make a Spectrum TV account.
  • Connect your Peacock TV and Spectrum TV accounts.
  • Choose Premium Access when it shows up.


If you use Xfinity, you can get Peacock TV for free, and it is not just for a short time. This is great news for students and folks who cannot pay for the fancy Peacock TV.

With Xfinity, you can watch everything on Peacock TV without paying.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Make a Peacock TV account.
  • Connect your Xfinity and Peacock TV accounts to get the Xfinity deal on Peacock TV.
  • Enjoy the fancy Peacock TV access.

Alternatives to Peacock Student Discount

Since Peacock TV doesn’t give student discounts, you should explore other options. We have made a list of some platforms you can try instead of Peacock TV.

Amazon Prime

Students can save 50% on Amazon Prime membership. Plus, you can get money back in your Amazon wallet. Amazon Prime has lots of movies and shows to watch. It is a great choice.

Paramount Pulse

If you are a student, you can get a 25% discount on this. They have lots of movies and TV shows you’ll like.


Hulu is not just for regular TV and shows; it has live TV, too. And if you are a student, they give you a student discount, which is awesome.

Apple TV

Students can get a discount on Apple TV. You can enjoy Apple TV and music with this special discount.

Final Thoughts

Peacock TV does not offer a special discount for students.

However, if you connect your Peacock TV with Spectrum TV or Xfinity, you can get the fancy version for free.

Just a few steps, and you can enjoy Peacock TV’s premium stuff without spending any money.

People May Ask

Can I Get a Student Discount for Peacock Premium Plus?

You need to show you are a student and pay $5.99 per month for Peacock Premium Plus after the special deal ends. You can cancel anytime. If you are already a Peacock subscriber, you might need to do more to get this deal.

How Can I Get My Peacock Student Discount?

Go to to begin. Confirm you are a student through SheerID and use the special code they give you when you sign up.

How Can I Use My Peacock Premium Code?

When you sign up, you can enter your promo code on the checkout page. You can also add a promo code to your account later in the Plans & Payments section.

Does the Peacock Student Discount Come with Ads?

If you are a verified student, you can get Peacock’s version with ads for $1.99 per month for 12 months. Click the “buy” button or go to to start.

How Can I Get Peacock Premium for Free?

If you have Xfinity internet and sign up for Comcast’s NOW TV, you can get Peacock Premium for free. NOW TV has over 40 live channels from A&E, AMC, and Warner Bros.

How Does Peacock Check If You Are a Student?

You need to give SheerID info about your college or university, like your name, school email, school name, birthdate, and other things. They use this to check if you are really a student.

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