Kate Johnson

Roku vs Amazon Fire TV

Roku vs Amazon Fire TV: Which Streaming Device Reigns Supreme?

Kate Johnson

When it comes to streaming sticks, there are many choices available right now. With so many options in the market, ...


Save Your Wet iPhone: Use Sound Magic to Banish Water Woes.

Kate Johnson

Oops, did you just drop your iPhone into the water, and now you are panicking about how to dry it ...

Watch La Liga Soccer

Watch La Liga Soccer: Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad Live – Anywhere, Anytime!

Kate Johnson

Real Madrid is all set to maintain a perfect start to the new LA Liga season while they host Real ...


AT&T’s Unlimited Elite Plans: The Shocking Rate Increase You Need to Know

Kate Johnson

As shocking as it might sound, AT&T has suddenly announced its plan to increase the monthly chargers on the retired ...