Save Your Wet iPhone: Use Sound Magic to Banish Water Woes.

Kate Johnson


Oops, did you just drop your iPhone into the water, and now you are panicking about how to dry it off? Taking the right step is crucial because even a drop of the water is stuck in your phone, which can result in a non-responsive screen, damaged phone and muffled speaker.

Before you rush to put your iPhone into a rice bowl, try using a new trick of using a low-frequency tone to get rid of trapped water in the speaker. You can use this water ejecting method without a cost and undo any damage. Here is everything to know about the iOS shortcut method for Apple devices.

Is iPhone waterproof?

The Iphone is undoubtedly water resistant but not waterproof. An iPhone is water resistant to some extent. The current Iphone carries an IP68 rating, meaning it can be submerged in a maximum of 6 metres of water for 30 minutes.

While the iPhone may survive extended stay under the water, there is still a chance some water can be trapped in speakers and cause damage, so low-frequency tone ejects water out of the device.

How does a low-frequency tone work to eject water from the iPhone speakers?

Apple Watch Series 2 and new models feature a built-in Water Lock that plays a sound rattling and shaking the device to eject out the water trapped inside the watch.

Similar to this Water Eject method, in iPhone works by activating an Ultralow 165Hz frequency sound to eject out the water trapped inside your iPhone’s speaker.

Shortcuts app

You will need a Shortcuts application to use to trick, allowing you to create automated tasks on iOS. This shortcut app is, by default, installed on every iPhone. If you have uninstalled it, you can reinstall it from the App Store.

Download the Water Eject shortcut.

Water Eject is a third-party shortcut.

You can easily install the Shortcut using this link. After downloading the app, you’ll be moved to the Shortcuts app, wherein you can install this in your Shortcuts library.

How To Use Water Eject Shortcut?

Keep your phone’s volume to a maximum for most possible vibration effects. Go to the Myshortcuts page and click on Water Eject at the top. 

You will see the following options

  • Begin: The tone will sound for 15 seconds, after which you’ll experience a vibration, hear a chirping noise, and receive a notification indicating that the water has been discharged.
  • Touch: The tone will persist until you interact by tapping the stop icon within the Shortcut.
  • Settings: Within the settings, you are given various choices, such as accessing additional information about the Shortcut, updating or sharing the Shortcut, and providing feedback.

You can choose the Touch or Begin method for low-frequency sound to eject water out of the speakers. It will not help get out all the water, but it is still a good amount.

Always beware not to play the sound for too long, as it can have a damaging effect on your phone’s speaker. You can play Water Eject for a maximum of 15 minutes. If water is lodged, you can wipe the device using a lint-free, soft cloth.

Then, put the charging post against the plan and tap your phone gently a few times to get rid of any trapped water. You can keep your iPhone dry with some airflow and remove any trapped moisture.


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