AT&T’s Unlimited Elite Plans: The Shocking Rate Increase You Need to Know

Kate Johnson


As shocking as it might sound, AT&T has suddenly announced its plan to increase the monthly chargers on the retired Unlimited Elite plan to continue offering the good quality wireless services you expect. There a high chance that the new charges will be in effect by the August 2023 bill cycle and have a hike of $2.50 per line per month.

The Unlimited Eline Plan phased out last year and was replaced with the new Unlimited Premium which does not include MAX as a freebie any more. However, unlike the Elite plan, the new premium plan comes with extra 10GB hotspot data with a total of 50GB.

As per AT&T the phone lines that were added before August 1, 2022 will have a hike in charges by $2.50 per line. Some of you might be disappointed but there is good news for people with lines, wearables, tablets, etc  added after August 1, 2022 will not be impacted by the price hike. 

The Unlimited Eline Plan features unlimited text, call, and data in the US, Canada and Mexico. Not only this but the plan also offers high speed, data, unlimited calling and texting when you travel to 19 Latin American Countries, along with Active Armour mobile security, 4k UHD streaming, 40GB data, 5G and MAX access. 

To reduce the charges on the Unlimited Elite plan by $10, the customers of AT&T can now set up AutoPay on their bank account or debit card and enrol for paperless billing. 

If you are not satisfied with the Unlimited Elite plan then you can opt for any of the options between three other AT&T plans: Unlimited Extra, Unlimited Premium, and Unlimited Starter. Remember that none of these plans come with MAX access despite the company announcing a new agreement with Warner Bros, which is a bummer. 

AT&T is the most recent US carrier to announce a price hike for its plans. We may also expect Verizon to make a new price hike announcement anytime soon involving home and mobile internet plans.

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