Mastering Pokemon Go: Obtain Shiny Meltan with Our Pro Tips


Shiny Meltan

Pokemon Go has affected the entire Pokemon series in a special way since September 2018. This is when Pokemon Meltan was revealed officially to all players around the globe. Shiny Meltan is one of the Pokemon to premiere in non-mainline games.

Meltan is found mainly in the Mystery Box, received when you transfer the Pokemon to the Pokemon home. If you are yet to catch the shiny Meltan Pokemon.

What is Meltan?

Meltan is a steel-type Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Go. It is weak to Ground, Fire, and fighting types and is resistant to Ice, Dragon, Normal, Steel, Grass, Flying, Rock, Bug, Poison, and fairy-type moves. By collecting 400 Meltan candies you can evolve into Melmetal.

How to get the Mystery Box?

Unlike many other Pokemon Go items, Mystery Box cannot be purchased from in-house game shops. To get your hands on a mystery box you will have to transfer one of the Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home or Let’s Go.

The Mystery Box will remain in your inventories until you use it. Once you open the Mystery box it will stay active for 60 minutes and will keep spawning on the map. After the time elapses mystery box will close automatically and you will have to wait three days to make a new transfer to open it.

How to evolve Meltan into Melmetal?

One of the features that set Meltan Pokemon apart from other mythical Pokemon is that it can evolve. After you obtain 400 Meltan candies you will be able to evolve your mythical steel type pokemon into Melmetal.

Since Meltan has sheer candy requirements, you will need to catch as many possible white the Mystery Box is open.

You can increase the amount of candy by feeding Pinap berries to wild melting before catching them. You can fasten the process by converting Rare candy into Meltan Candy.

How to get shiny Meltan?

Most of the shiny Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Go after you introduce them to the game, however only Shiny Meltan appears during special events such as Pokemon TCG crossover, so you never miss a chance to catch one.

There is no sure-shot way to find shiny Meltan, it is sheer luck. The best way to find Meltan is by opening a Mystery Box as many times as you wish during the entire event and catching every Meltan as it appears.

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