Best Wireless Car Chargers for 2023- Complete List

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Wireless Car Chargers

If you have to travel a lot, having a car is really important. However, then, making sure your gadgets stay charged can be a problem. You do not want to always carry a power bank or go crazy looking for a place to plug in. Anyways, guess what? A wireless car charger can solve this for you.

The best thing about a wireless car charger is that it makes the struggle of keeping your gadgets charged while you are on the go disappear. This tech easily fits into your car, turning it into a moving power station. So, your devices stay charged and good to use whenever you need them.

Best Wireless Car Chargers for 2023

ESR Magsafe

ESR is a famous brand because they make really good stuff, and people trust them.

Key Highlights

  • Charges fast
  • Goes on the air vent in your car


The ESR Magsafe is a super cool wireless car charger. It is like, really good. The strong magnetic power can hold heavy devices up to 1400 grams. Moreover, you can turn your phone any way you want while it charges. The holder in the car works great.

The clip that goes on the vent is strong, and the arm holds the phone steady. It only works with iPhone 12, 13 & 14. So, if you need a wireless charger for your iPhone, this is the one to get.

Spigen –Top wireless car charger

You might not have heard about Spigen much, but they are a big deal in 52 countries and have been doing their thing for 17 years. Their wireless car charger got attention because it got the best reviews, and it is kind to your wallet compared to the ESR MagSafe. Plus, it is super good for iPhones.

Key Highlights

  • Holds your phone really well with magnets
  • Works with iPhones


This Spigen wireless car charger looks nice. The best part? It has this adjustable swing arm that will not block the air vent, and guess what? You can take it off if you want. That means you can use it the way you like, which is handy.

Sevenaire CH07

Key Highlights

  • Cool blue LED light
  • Automatically grabs your phone
  • Charges super fast, 15 watts
  • Works with iPhone 8 to 14, Samsung Galaxy S22 to S8, and more.


The Sevenaire CH 07 wireless car charger is really special and makes your car dashboard look awesome.

This is like the best automatic clamping wireless car charger mount. It has got infrared sensors, so when you bring your phone close, it is like magic – the arms grab your phone and hold it tight. It fits phones up to 6.5 inches.

This Sevenaire CH07 wireless car charger is speedy, giving your phone a 15-watt power boost, and it even works with phone cases. Sevenaire really nailed it with this one.

You can choose to stick it on the dashboard or hang it on the AC – totally up to what you like. If you need a fast 15-watt wireless car charger with an automatic mount, this is the one to check out.

Anker 613

Key Highlights

  • You can change how you see your phone
  • 2 ports to plug in (USB A & USB C) in the car
  • Charger is 7.5 watts


The Anker wireless car charger is super handy. You can use one hand to move it around and find the best way to see your phone. You can change it up to 134 degrees to get it just right.

Moreover, here is a cool thing – it has lights that help you see where to charge, especially at night when it is hard to see.

Belkin WIC004

The Belkin car charger is ranked 5th in the Best wireless car chargers.

Key Highlights

  • Charges at 10 watts
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


The Belkin wireless car charger is popular, and that is why it made it to the list. It does not have any special features like some others.

In short, it is pricey, and it does not offer anything extra or different. The only thing worth mentioning is the 2-year warranty, which you do not usually get from other brands.

Baseus QI Wireless car charger

Key Highlights

  • Charges at 15 watts
  • Grabs your phone automatically
  • Goes on the air vent


The Baseus Qi wireless car charger is really cool. You can open and close it with just one touch – super easy. Moreover, the soft pad holds your phone really well without making any noise.

Here is something awesome – the brand Baseus gives a lifetime warranty. How cool is that?

However, have got to be honest, this wireless car charger is more expensive compared to others out there. However, you get a lifetime warranty with it, so that is something to think about!


Key Highlights

  • Rotates all the way around, 360 degrees
  • You can control it with just one touch


The Noymi is a low-cost wireless car charger in the Best wireless car chargers list. It grabs your phone really well and holds it tight with strong force.

When you are done and want to let go of your phone, just touch the special sensor, and it will let your phone go, it is really easy


In conclusion, finding a wireless car charger that’s both affordable and packed with features can be tricky. However, with this detailed guide to the top 7 wireless car chargers, you can pick the one that suits you best.

Whether you want a quick charger, an air vent design for cooling, automatic clamping, a long warranty, or any other feature, this guide has all the info you need to choose wisely.

Our thorough and honest reviews of the best wireless car chargers have been helpful. Thanks for reading. Also, do not forget to explore other articles on our website.

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