Solve Slow iPhone Charging: Proven Hacks for Lightning-Fast Power


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Solve Slow iPhone Charging

Charging your iPhone is not always easy. Sometimes, you want it to charge super fast, but it is not just about plugging it in.

You need to think about where you plug it, what is turned on or off on your phone, and what charger you are using. If you do not, your iPhone might not charge much and could run out of battery when you really need it.

In this article, we will share 9 easy tricks to make your iPhone charge faster when you are in a rush. Let’s start our discussion:

Some Fast Charging Hacks for iPhone

Here we have discussed some fast charging hacks for iPhones that you can consider to solve your slow iPhone charging concerns:

Do not use your old charger anymore

Do not use your old charger. The best and fastest way to charge your iPhone is with a fast charger, which is a 20-watt power adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable. If you have an iPhone 8 or a new one, you can charge it up to 50% in about 30 minutes from being totally empty. If you have an hour, you can fully charge it.

Even charging for just 10 minutes can increase your battery by a good amount. So, if you are in a hurry, go for the fast charger.

When you get a new iPhone, it does not come with a power adapter, only a cable. But you can buy Apple’s 20-watt power adapter from Apple or Amazon. Apple says you can also use other fast-charging power banks that work with your iPhone, but make sure it is at least 20 watts if you have an iPhone 12 or a newer one.

You can use a wireless charger

Wireless charging can work, mainly with Apple’s MagSafe charger. To use it for fast charging, you need an iPhone 12 or 13 because it can charge at 15 watts. If your iPhone has no battery left, you can get around 30% battery in about 30 minutes with wireless charging.

But not all wireless chargers will be as fast. Many people use a standard called Qi, and they charge at about 7.5 watts, which is slower than MagSafe. It is just a bit faster than the regular 5-watt wall charger. Also, keep in mind that wireless chargers with magnets that are not MagSafe-approved will also charge at the slower 7.5-watt speed.

Stop charging your phone with your computer:

Do not use your computer to charge your phone. It might seem good and comfortable, mainly if you are on your computer a lot and want to check your messages. But here is the thing, your computer charges your phone more slowly than a wall charger or a wireless one.

The USB ports on your computer, whether they are the bigger old ones or the newer smaller ones, can not give as much power as a wall plug, not even a 5-watt adapter. And if your computer is old and has a problematic USB port or you are using a cable that does not work well with it, it can make your phone charge even slower.

Leave your iPhone alone while it is charging:

When your iPhone is charging, it is best not to use it much. If you are watching videos or playing games while charging the phone, the battery will fill up slower. So, try to leave it alone.

The simple trick to make your battery charge faster

Here is a simple trick to make your battery charge faster: Even when your screen is dark, your phone still does stuff in the background, like updating apps and showing notifications. All of this uses up the battery. So, if you want your iPhone to charge quicker, turn it off.

If you would rather not switch it off, try this instead

If you do not want to switch your iPhone off but want it to charge faster, you can use airplane mode. This mode turns off things like cell signals, Bluetooth, and WiFi which use up power.

With them off, your iPhone can charge more speedily. Also, you can easily switch airplane mode off if you are waiting for calls.

iPhone adjustments to make charging fast

Here are some iPhone settings to adjust for faster charging:

  • Low power mode: This mode reduces power-consuming features like 5G, screen brightness, background app updates, auto-lock, and downloads. Turning it on helps your battery charge faster.
  • Dark mode: While it is not clear how much battery it saves, using dark mode during charging does not affect, mainly when every bit of power counts.
  • Dim the screen: Bright screens use up battery faster, so lower your screen brightness all the way down while charging.

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