How to change your Netflix password

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change your Netflix password

Changing your password on Netflix is easy. If you don’t know what to do, then you are here in the right place. In this article, we will discuss all about how to change the Netflix password using different modes, be it email, phone number, or text message. Stay tuned with us until the end of the article. Have a look:

How to change your Netflix password

Here are the steps:

  • If you remember your password and can log in, visit
  • Alternatively, go to your account page.
  • Choose “Change password” on any non-Kids profile.

Resetting your password

If you can’t sign in or forgot your password, reset it by text message (if you added a phone number) or email.
If you can’t recall your email or phone number, try using your payment info to recover your account. Let’s know how to reset password using email:

Using email

  • Visit
  • Select Email.
  • Enter your email and click Email Me.
  • Check your email for a message from Netflix on resetting your password.
  • Click the link in the email to sign in to Netflix.
  • After signing in, create a new password. Make sure it’s different from your previous one.
What if the link is expired?

If the link sent to the email has been expired, then you can send another email by using It happens because the link expires by itself within 24-hours.

What if i didn’t get the mail?

If you are struggling with getting the resetting password mail from Netflix, then here are the steps to get the mail:

  • Look in junk, your spam, or promotions folders, and any email filters you have.
  • If it’s not there, add [email protected] to your contacts.
  • Resend the password reset email.
  • If you still don’t receive it, wait 5 hours and check your inbox again. Your email provider might be delaying it.
What if the link is not working?

If the link you got is not working; then follow the given steps:

  • Visit to sign out and return to the home page.
  • Go to
  • Select Email.
  • Enter your email and click Email Me.
  • Follow the steps in the new password reset email in your inbox.
  • If it’s still not working, try resetting the password on another phone, computer, or tablet.
What if i get “This password is not secure or is too common” message?

In case you get the message “This password is not secure or is too common” when changing or resetting your password, it means the password you chose is on the commonly used password list, which isn’t allowed for security. You have to choose a different one.

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Using text message (SMS)

Here are steps if you want to reset the password by text message:

  • Visit
  • Select Text Message (SMS).
  • Enter your phone number linked to your account.
  • Click Text Me.
  • Receive a verification code via text message. Enter it to reset your password (code expires in 20 minutes).
  • After entering the code, create a new password. Make sure it’s different from your previous one.
Your account and phone number are not linked
  • If no phone number is added to your account, reset your password by using your email.
  • After signing in, add a phone number on your Account page by choosing Add phone number.
  • If the existing phone number is invalid, visit to the Account page and select Change phone number.

Using billing information

Here are the steps to recover your account using billing information:

  • If you pay with a debit or credit card, have the card number ready.
  • Visit
  • Choose “I don’t remember my email or phone.”
  • If you don’t see this option, it is not available in your region. Contact for the help.
  • Enter the account details like first and last name and the card number used.
  • Click Find Account.
  • If they locate your account, they will send a password reset email to the registered email address.
If you are billed using a third party and now you can’t sign in the account
  • If you pay your bill through a third party or your subscription is part of a package, check the Help Center.
  • Search for the third-party name to find the relevant article.
  • Look in the “I’m having trouble signing in to Netflix” section for instructions.

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