How to Access PS5’s Secret Web Browser

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How to Access PS5's Secret Web Browser- Ginnoslab

The PS5 can go on the Internet, but it’s tricky to find. Let me tell you how to surf the web on your PlayStation 5.

Checking out your PS5, you might be surprised that it does not have a web browser like the old PS4 did right from the beginning. But guess what? There is a sneaky web browser hidden in the PS5, and we will help you get to it if you really want to browse the web.

How to Access the PS5 Web Browser

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the Settings page from the main menu.
  • Choose Users and Accounts, and then go to Linked Services.
  • Even though it is called X now, the PS5 still uses the Twitter name and logo. Pick Twitter and select Link Account.

When the login page shows up, do not log in. Instead, use the left stick to move the cursor over the Twitter bird logo at the top and click it with the X button. That is it! You are on the web.

When you do this, you will see a login page, just like on a computer. Now, since you cannot search on X without an account, let us try another way to get on the web. The trick is to choose Sign in with Google. Click on that, and it will take you to Google’s login page.

Once you are there, go to the bottom of the login page and pick Terms. This will take you to a big page with all the rules and conditions from Google.

Now, use the right stick to scroll down to the very bottom (it might take a moment), and there you will find a link to Google at the bottom-left. Give it a click.

Choosing this link will take you to a simpler version of the regular Google homepage. From here, you can look up anything you want and explore the web with your PS5.

Since there is no fancy address bar, you will have to search on Google and click on links to go wherever you want. It might be awkward, but it gets the job done.

Is the PS5 Web Browser Worth Using

The PS5 web browser is not super great, and Sony did not make it easy to find. It works okay for simple websites with just text and pictures, but it is not so good for anything fancy with videos or other multimedia.

You can watch videos on a site that doesn’t have a special PS5 app, but doing things like using complicated websites or playing games does not really work. Typing with the software keyboard is a bit annoying (unless you connect a real keyboard to your PS5). Also, the trick of logging in with Google every time is a bit of a hassle and stops you from connecting your X account to your PSN account.

For most people, there are not many reasons to use the web browser on your PS5. You probably have a smartphone nearby that’s way easier to use and works well with almost all websites, unlike the not-so-smooth PS5 browser. The only time we can think of when this browser might be useful is if you are using PlayStation VR and do not want to take off the headset to look something up.

That is probably why Hideaki Nishino from Sony said they have “doubts about whether a web browser is necessary.” There is a chance the PS5 might get a better browser later on, but right now, it is not a big priority when there are better ways for everyone to get on the Internet.

It is strange, but the PS5 actually has a page for options in Settings > System called Web Browser. You can find settings there for deleting cookies. It is confusing because the browser is not really meant for regular use, so it is unclear why these options are there.

Browse PS5 web, If You Really Have To

Now you have learned how to find the PS5’s simple web browser. You probably will not use it much, but it could be a trick to impress your friends. Otherwise, it is just like a hidden surprise in the PS5.

People May Ask

Why doesn’t the PS5 have a web browser?

Well, Sony does not seem interested in adding an official web browser to the PS5. They have mentioned a few times that they do not think it is necessary for gaming consoles.

Does the PS5 come with a built-in browser?

Yes, the PS5 has a built-in web browser. It lets you go on the Internet directly from your gaming console. This browser is based on the same open-source project used by popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Can the PS5 access the Internet?

Yep, the PS5 can go on the Internet. It has a web browser, but finding it takes a lot of work. Let me tell you how to browse the web on your PlayStation 5.

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