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How to Take Long Screenshot Iphone- Check out- Ginnoslab

Snapping a pic of your iPhone screen is easy, but what if you want to capture a whole webpage, PDF, email, or put together a bunch of pics? Let’s see how to take a long screenshot on your iPhone.

Before, you had to use another app to capture a long screenshot on your iPhone. But now, with iOS, you can do it right in Apple’s apps for webpages, PDFs, Notes, emails, and more. We will also see how to do it in other apps you might use.

What is a scrolling screenshot

It is a big screenshot that grabs a whole page like a webpage, document, or email. You do not need to take lots of screenshots and puzzle them together. For example, if you want a pic of a 116-page document in Safari, just take one screenshot to get it all.

How to capture a long screenshot on your iPhone

  • Snap a screenshot (press the side or top button and volume up button together).
  • Quickly tap the small picture in the bottom left before it goes away.
  • Pick “Full Page” at the top right for a PDF of everything on a document, webpage, note, or email in Apple’s apps. Sometimes, you might need a different app (we will talk about that later).
  • The “Full Page” choice shows up when there is more than one screen.
  • Look at all the pages, doodle on them, and more before you save.
  • Hit the crop icon (a square-ish one next to “Done”) to choose what part of the Full Page you want.
  • Tap “Done” in the top-left or the share button in the top right to finish.

Third-party apps for scrolling screenshots on iPhone

If you want more choices for long screenshots on your iPhone, you can use apps from other people. Picsew and Tailor are examples. Picsew tends to get better ratings.

You can test both without paying first. If you like them, you can buy more features inside the apps.

How to look at long screenshots on your iPhone

All the long screenshots become PDFs and go into the Files app. To see them, open the Files app, find the folder where your screenshot is, and tap on it.

You can give it a new name, draw on it, add comments, and more. If you want to share it, the other person needs the Files app or a PDF reader to check it out.

People May Also Ask

How to Take a Long Screenshot on Android 11 or Later

On Android 11 or newer, press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

How to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot on iOS 17

Here is how to do it using Safari:

  • Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to the webpage you want to save as a long image.
  • Press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together to take a screenshot.
Why can’t I take a long screenshot on my iPhone

To capture a scrolling screenshot on an iPhone or iPad, you need iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or a newer version. It can grab a long webpage, email, or document, but it saves it as a PDF, not an image.

Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone 14: Is It Available

The scrolling screenshot feature is on the iPhone, but it works mainly in Apple’s apps. Using it in other apps might be difficult.

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