How to Unsubscribe From Spotify- Step by Step

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How to Unsubscribe From Spotify- Step by Step- Ginnoslab

You can stop your Premium plan whenever you want on your account page. If you are wondering to get the exact answer; here we have given all details about your query. Stay tuned for all the updates. Have a look:

How to Unsubscribe From Spotify

Here’s how:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Look for “Manage your plan” and click “Change plan.”
  • Find “Cancel Spotify” and click “Cancel Premium.”
  • Your Premium lasts until the next time you have to pay. After that, your account becomes free.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your playlists and saved music. Even with a free account, you can still log in and play music with ads.

Thinking of cancelling your Spotify Family or Duo plan?

If you’re in charge of the plan, use the steps above to cancel. Make sure to tell everyone on the plan because they’ll lose Premium benefits from the next payment date.

If you’re just a member, these steps remove your account from the plan, but it won’t cancel it. Contact the plan manager to cancel or update the payment method.

Not seeing the option to change your plan?

Your plan might be linked to another company (like your phone or internet provider). To cancel, find their contact link on your account page:

  • Log into
  • Under “Manage your plan,” check “Payment.”
  • If you pay through iTunes, follow Apple’s steps to cancel.

Is your Spotify account already free?

That means you don’t have a Premium plan to cancel, and there’s no payment info on your account.

If you’re getting charged, you probably have Premium on a different account. Try logging out and back in with different details.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on Android and iOS

  • Tap Your Library at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap your icon (usually the initial of your first name) in the upper left corner to see your account details.
  • Select Premium plan (View your plan).
  • Tap See available plans.
  • At the bottom, tap Change your plan.
  • Scroll to the end and select Cancel Premium under the Spotify Free plan.
  • Choose Continue to Cancel and confirm with Yes, Cancel.

After cancelling, you might get a short survey asking why. Your subscription is already stopped, but you can fill out the survey or skip it. If you’re in a hurry, scroll to the bottom and tap Skip. Answer the questions and tap Submit if you want to give feedback.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on the Spotify website

To cancel your Spotify Premium, do this on the website:

  • Go to in your browser and log in.
  • Scroll down to the Your plan section and click Change plan.
  • Scroll to Spotify Free and click Cancel Premium.
  • Click Continue to cancel.
  • Confirm by selecting Yes, cancel.

If you’re using the desktop app, it’s pretty much the same. Click your profile image in the top-right, choose “Account,” and follow the steps from number two above.

Don’t forget, after cancelling, you might see a short survey asking why you’re stopping. You can fill it out or skip it. If you’re in a hurry, just scroll to the bottom and tap Skip. Answer the questions and tap Submit if you want to share your thoughts.

People May Also Ask

Stop paying for Spotify without erasing your account?

If you want to end your Premium subscription, you can move to the free Spotify plan to avoid paying. You can still listen to music with ads in shuffle mode. Important: Closing your account and deleting data means losing access to bought audiobooks or live event tickets in the future.

How do I check my Spotify subscriptions?

Visit to see your account settings. There, you can check your current plan and find out when your next monthly payment is scheduled.

Is it okay to cancel Spotify whenever?

If you’re done with Premium, you can cancel anytime and keep what you already paid for. You’ll stay Premium until the next payment is due. After that, your account becomes free.

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