How to Put Someone on Hold iPhone

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How to Put Someone on Hold iPhone

The iOS software has some tricks and tips, such as capturing an entire webpage in a screenshot or using the back of your phone like a hidden button.

Did you know it can also be done to put a call on hold? This is a simple task when another call comes in while you are on an existing call because the choice shows up on the screen.

There is a secret way to pause a call when another one is not coming in though, it just needs to be found. Here is how.

How to Put Someone on Hold on an iPhone

You might want to pause a call for several reasons. Of course, one possible reason could be if you get a phone call while using your iPhone. This feature is helpful because it lets you choose whether or not to take the call.

You might have to talk to someone at the door or pick up a call on another phone. Maybe you just need about two minutes.

If you need to pause a call on your iPhone and no new calls are coming, follow these steps:

  • When you are talking on your iPhone, press and hold the mute button.
  • You will have to keep it steady for a bit.
  • The person who gets a call will then have to wait.
  • Press the Hold button again to remove them from hold.
  • That’s it.

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People May Also Ask

How to Put Someone on Hold iPhone for a conference call?

To make someone wait, press and keep the mute button for five seconds. The first person to call will have to wait while you join them with someone else or talk with another caller. The sound a person hears while on hold, like silence or music, depends on the company they use for their phone network.

Do iPhones have call waiting?

If your iPhone uses a GSM network, you can set up call forwarding and waiting for calls. If you are using a CDMA network for cell service, talk to your phone company about how to turn on and use these features.

Where do I find call blocking in settings?

Go to Settings and find Emergency SOS. Do any of the following: Turn “Hold and Release” on or off: Press the side and volume buttons to start a countdown for calling emergency help.

How can I turn on the call waiting?

  • Find and tap Phone.
  • Click the button with three lines, then go to Settings > Calls.
  • Look for and press the name of your phone company that is connected to your SIM card.
  • Tap Call waiting.
  • Press the button next to Call waiting.

How can you tell if a person is on another call when you try to reach them?

When you try to call someone from a landline or a cellphone, if that person is already talking on the phone then yo will either hear a busy signal or get an automatic message saying they are trying to connect your call. Modern networks often tell the person you are calling about an incoming call with a ‘beep’, so they can choose how to respond.

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