How to Turn Off PS5

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How to Turn Off PS5

If you are not aware, the PlayStation 5 console has three modes of power: Rest, On, and Off. On and Off are easy to understand, but Rest Mode will lessen how much power is used while still keeping some functions going. This includes charging things plugged in or getting updates downloaded. Here is how to turn off PS5 game system or make it sleep:

How to Turn Off PS5 Game System

Switching off the PS5 will end all games and apps. You should switch off your PS5 when you need to remove the plug for power. This stops data loss or damage to the game system. At that point, turning off the PS5 is a smart way to protect against surprise power losses. Also, turning off any device will help it really rest from your hard gaming times. It will even save some energy.

You can shut down your PS5 console in two fast ways. The first way is to push the power button on the front of the machine by hand. The button is hard to see because it is long, blends and thin in with the shiny black surface. But you will see it under the Eject button on the CD version or as the only one on the Digital Edition.

The second way to switch off your console is by using the Control Center. Push the PlayStation (PS) button on your controller of DualSense.

Doing this will show the Control Center taskbar menu. Go all the way to the right and you will see options for power. Choose Turn Off PS5 from there.

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How to set the PS5 in sleep mode

Rest mode is a sleep state for your PS5 game console. It is like making it rest a bit. It would be fully on, but it will keep charging controllers and getting updates. We suggest you use “rest mode” to download big game files because the console will finish it quicker. If you need a rest but want to get back quickly, the computer will keep games suspended and ready. This is possible because of the fast loading times provided by a strong SSD.

To make the PS5 go to sleep, press the PS button on the dual-sense controller. Then scroll all the way to get power choices shown. There, choose Enter Rest Mode.

Do not take out the PS5’s power cord while it is resting, as this could break it or mess up saved data.

Managing Rest Mode

You can change what options are there in rest mode by going to Settings, then System and choosing Power Saving. Go to Rest Mode features.

If you turn off all options, your game machine will use even less power than 0.5 watts. But if you want to give energy through USB ports for charging controllers or other stuff, stay online so the files/content can be updated and start your PS5 from far away using Remote Play and the PlayStation app these things will need more energy usage.

You can also choose how long your PS5 stays without action before it goes into sleep mode automatically. Go to Settings, then System and choose Power Saving. You will find the option there. Pick Rest Mode Time for PS5.

You can choose different times until the screen goes to sleep, depending if it is not being used while watching movies or playing games.

People May Also Ask

How to turn off PS5 or in rest mode?

You can let your game machine stay in sleep mode for as much time as you want, but it is helpful to power it off completely sometimes to save cash on your electric bill. You can control the features in sleep mode by going to Settings – System and choosing Power Saving.

Does my PS5 turn off when I put it in rest mode?

If your game system stops working after going into Rest Mode without you turning it off, you should stop using this mode and avoid a problem that can keep some PS5s from starting up again. To turn off Rest Mode, go to Settings > System > Power Saving.

Is it safe to turn off the PS5 and put it in rest mode?

The PS5 will stop working if it is in rest mode for a long time and you have an outside HDD plugged in. For many years now, it has been a software issue. It might not happen, but it could.

Can I switch off my PS5 completely using the controls on the console?

If you want to turn off the PS5 using PlayStation software, find that option in the new Control Panel section of the PS5 user interface. Just press the PlayStation button for a short time not like on PS4 where you had to press it for longer.

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