What is PayPal goods and services; and how to use it

Sophia Guerrero

PayPal goods and services

PayPal has two ways to do transactions. One is for buying things or services, and the other is for sending money to friends or family. If you know and trust the person, use the friends and family option. It is good for sending money to personal accounts without spending a lot. However, if you are buying from a business or someone you do not really know, use the goods and services option.

Now, you cannot send a friend and family payment to a business. Only use goods and services for that. This way, you get the right protections for your purchase. Let me tell you how to use PayPal goods and services.

How you use PayPal goods and services

Here are the simple steps:

  • Log in to your PayPal.
  • Click “Send & Request” at the top.
  • Put in the phone number, name, or email of the person you are sending money to, or pick someone from your contacts.
  • Type in how much money and a little note. Then click Continue.
  • In the pop-up, choose “Paying for an item or service.”
  • Say where the money is coming from. Double-check everything, and when you are sure, hit submit to send your money.

How about the cost of using PayPal goods and services

If you are sending or getting money for goods and services via PayPal, they take a 2.99% fee. If it is an international business thing, there is an extra 1.5% charge.

However, if you are in the United States (or the U.K.) and sending money to friends or family, it is free as long as it is from your PayPal balance or bank.

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Do I need to pick PayPal goods and services for buying things on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist?

Before, you could use friends and family for these deals, even if it was not allowed. However, that choice is now gone.

PayPal decided to allow friends and family payments only for personal accounts. This is to make sure that when you buy something for your business, you get the protection of PayPal in case something goes wrong.

People May Also Ask

How do I use PayPal goods and services?

To pay for things using PayPal, just pick “Paying for an item or service” when you are sending money. The 2.99% fee is added automatically.

What happens when you pay for goods and services on PayPal?

You can use this for buying goods and services in online shopping, auctions, or downloading digital things. We protect these payments under PayPal Purchase Protection. When you pay like this, the seller pays a small fee to get your money.

How do I get money from goods and services on PayPal?

You get money on your PayPal account when someone sends money to your email or phone number. We will tell you when you have money, and you can see it on your PayPal account home page.

Why can’t I move money from PayPal to my bank?

There might be a limit on your account. Fix that to use your account fully. Your bank or card might need to be fixed for instant transfers. Try another one that supports instant transfer from PayPal.

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